Here at Shoeby, we're all about satisfying our shoppers more than 100%. Like many other retailers, high returns caused by incorrect size & fit has been a challenge and we have been exploring various ways to address this. We ensure that our shoppers enjoy a fuss-free returns process if they change their mind but we also believe that AI has a role to play to help shoppers find the right size. The past 2 years have seen us embark on an integration with a leading fit technology solutions provider Pixibo. We're very happy with our partnership with Pixibo, in the 2019 season alone we have seen a 6% reduction in return rate when our shoppers use Pixibo.
Sophie Duijts
Webshop Manager at SHOEBY.nl

Shoeby Fashion is a leading Dutch retail chain with over 250 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.
"We are already seeing a substantially higher conversion rate from our shoppers who use Pixibo's size recommendation service. In addition, and crucially for us, we are seeing a 23% reduction in return rates when this service is used."
Sander Ligthart,
Retention Manager at
JOSH V is a Dutch fashion and lifestyle label headed by fashion designer Josh Veldhuizen. JOSH V is sold in over 400 partner stores and its collections are available in nine countries across Europe.
"Pixibo delivers a true white glove service - they did all of the heavy lifting from UX/UI design to custom front end development, working closely and efficiently with our Product team. Working with Pixibo enabled us to push out a significant product feature with no dependancy on our engineering resources."
Paulo Roberto Almeida,
Regional VP of Engineering at
Pomelo Fashion is an online women's apparel company with customers in over 44 countries across the globe.

"When our shoppers use Pixibo's size recommendation service we are seeing conversion rates nearly 70% higher than our size chart conversion rate."
Sophie Duijts,
Webshop Manager at SHOEBY.nl
Shoeby Fashion is a leading Dutch retail chain with over 250 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.
"There are many players in the size and fit space, but the key for us was to find the most accurate solution, which we defined as the solution that drives greatest reduction to our return rates. We ran a test with multiple vendors and saw the greatest improvement in return rates on the Pixibo platform."
Jessendra Loke
Product Manager - Zalora Group
Part of the Global Fashion Group (GFG) Zalora is Asia's leading online fashion destination with localised sites in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei and the Philippines with more than 2 million active customers across the region and 40 million site visits per month.
"Pixibo's ability to custom-build AISHA on our site to look and feel like a familiar messaging platform made an impactful difference on the customer experience. The integration process was quick and easy, and did not affect our planned release cycles at all."
Apurve Gupta,
Product Manager at ABOF.com
ABOF is a fashion ecommerce company, part of the $40 billion Indian multi national conglomerate Aditya Birla Group. The custom branded chatbot solution for ABOF involved Pixibo designing, building and powering a chat bot experience on the SKU page through a widget called AISHA

"We are excited to partner with Pixibo to bring a unique footwear recommendation solution for our shoppers across South East Asia. Pixibo's approach combines the best in digital footprint technology with a powerful recommendation engine to help every shopper find the right shoe across our Planet Sports stores and on PlanetSports.Asia."
Michael Capper,
CEO at MAP Active
#1 sporting goods retailer in South East Asia with a portfolio of over 850 retail stores including more than 50 international brands like Skechers, Reebok, and Converse.
Leading retailers are using Pixibo's Find Your Fit® to meet the needs of today's shoppers.