Size Does Matter.

Pixibo Find Your Fit® is fashion retail's most accurate size & fit solution. Today's customers expect personalised size advice.

The pandemic has changed the way people live, including the way they shop. Customers are turning to online retail now more than ever. Pixibo Find Your Fit® elevates the user experience and removes the guesswork for your shoppers.

Increase conversion rates, improve shopper satisfaction, reduce size and fit related returns, and decrease your CO₂ footprint.

Leading retailers are using Pixibo's Find Your Fit®
to meet the needs of today's shoppers.
"When our shoppers use Pixibo's size recommendation service we are seeing conversion rates nearly 70% higher than our size chart conversion rate."
Sophie Duijts,
Webshop Manager at

Shoeby Fashion is a leading Dutch retail chain with over 250 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.
"There are many players in the size and fit space, but the key for us was to find the most accurate solution. We ran a test with multiple vendors and saw the greatest performance on the Pixibo platform"
Jessendra Loke,
Product Manager - Zalora Group

Part of the Global Fashion Group (GFG) Zalora is Asia's leading online fashion destination with more than 2 million active customers across the region and 40 million site visits per month.
"The integration was absolutely seamless, Within a few hours we were already set to go."

Brandy Dallas,
Founder & Creative Director at

Sans Faff is a minimalist womenswear label that stands for conscious consumption, simplicity in design
Size Recommendation with Pixibo Find Your Fit®
"I like it, but will it fit? Is this the right size?"
Why choose Pixibo?
Be better than the Size Chart
Let's face it, size charts don't work. Most shoppers find themselves in between two or even three sizes. It's time to put an end to the guesswork.

Pixbo's Find Your Fit transforms your static size chart into actionable and personalised size advice. Watch on to find out how it works.
Integration is a breeze. For real.
One week. That's all it takes for you to launch Pixibo's Find Your Fit onto your webshop. The best part? It works seamlessly across all browsers and platforms- absolutely no engineering resources needed.

We are truly a plug and play solution. Don't believe us? Watch this demo to find out for yourself.
Privacy by design
Control and choice. These are the two principles central to Pixibo's data sharing policy. We do not auto opt-in your shoppers into our partner retail network. Pixibo is committed to being the perfect balance between personalisation and privacy for all shoppers.
Our tech. Your brand.
Your brand should always be the hero. We go to great lengths to make our tech look and feel like yours. As a proudly white-labelled solution, we work extra hard to weave our magic in the background, while the spotlight continues to be on your brand. Watch the video to witness the difference.
Pixibo's impact
Year 1 results of a typical Pixibo-retailer partnership
higher conversion rate
Conversion rates are 20-30% higher than the size-chart conversion rate within the first 3 months
sales coverage rate
35-50% of sales expected to be covered by Pixibo users in the first year
lower return rate
3-4% lower return rate for Pixibo powered purchases by the end of year 1
Watch why our clients love Pixibo
Natively integrates with all leading e-commerce platforms
Integrates with Tag Management Systems
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