Returns. Simplified.

No more paper return forms and endless emailing. Digitise your returns with Book Your Return.

Delight your customers
73% of shoppers say that the returns experience impacts their likelihood to purchase from that retailer again. Transform your paper returns form into a modern, digital experience.
with a digital returns form
returns portal
Simplify the return flow for your shoppers with a branded interactive returns centre. Shoppers can easily submit their return requests through your customised self-service return portal. Your brand. Your Returns Portal.
with Book Your Return
Spend less time
on return questions
With Book Your Returns your shoppers can request returns independently without extra pressure on your customer service teams.

This will save your team hours of precious time as they don't have to send return forms and shipping addresses back and forth. Our Returns Portal also gives you easy access to look up any Return booked and answer questions on the status of a return.
more time on customer service
The Returns Dashboard.
All your returns in one place.
Manage and monitor all your returns from our easy to use platform. Smooth management of the entire lifecycle of a return from the dashboard.

Mark items as received, approve/reject returns based on your rules, and close return tickets all with a single click. Look up returns based on status, know what items are coming back, the return reason, order number, date return was booked and so much more.
Return Analytics
Is your return rate higher or lower this month? Which SKUs have the highest return rates? Most common reason for returning?

Your returns data is invaluable and contains nuggets of data that help you get started with improving your product range. With Book Your Return you have real-time insights into your returns data.
Zoom in to the
SKU level
Our real-time dashboard gives you an overview of the most critical return data. Total number of returns, the total value of the returns, return rate percentage over time etc.

But we also show you the data at the SKU level. Analyse which SKUs from your assortment are returned the most and why. Launched a new category? We show you the return rates by category giving you direct insights into the categories or SKUs that have the highest return rates.
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