Set the gold standard for safe retailing.
65% of women said that they would not feel safe using the fitting room after the pandemic
How it works
1. Scan the barcode of the item from shopper's own device
SKU ID on barcode will be matched to product ID on webshop
2. Fill in body profile
Shoppers fill in basic details they know about themselves.
3. Get a size recommendation. Tap to request the item.
Get size recommendations for items they scan in store.

For each size, find out how the item will fit across different parts of the body.
Works with existing tags
No additional tagging required. We match your barcodes automatically to your webshop product IDs to get you started right away.
Offer a powerful omni-channel shopping experience by deep-linking scanned SKUs to your webshop.
Discover offline, purchase online
No download required
No download required. Your shoppers can just scan the barcode, enter their body profile and get size recommendations instantly.
Branded experience
Contactless Try-On integrates your logo to ensure a seamless on-brand experience for your shoppers.
"Majority of consumers (54%) are ready to buy apparel in store"
Yes retail has changed. But here's the good news:
After months of lockdown, consumers are ready to buy apparel in store.
Retailers are adapting to deliver a new experience with shopper safety in mind
What best-in-class retailers are doing:
Hand Sanitiser at the door
Rest rooms closed
Social Distancing
Returned items quarantined for 24 hours
Fitting rooms closed or use discouraged
Shopping by appointment
Plexiglass at checkout counters
Kerbside pick up for online orders delivered to store
Set the gold standard for safe retailing